International Havana Brown Society

A Cat Fanciers’ Association, INC-affiliated Havana Brown Breed Club

Established in 1974


You have reached the website of the International Havana Brown Society, also refereed to as IHBS. We are  a Cat Fanciers' Association affiliated breed club organized in 1974 devoted to the Havana Brown. 

The objectives of the International Havana Brown Society are: 

  1. BulletTo promote interest in, provide a better knowledge of, and  improve the   Havana Brown breed of cat.

  2. BulletTo encourage the restrained breeding of the Havana Brown to the Standard of our parent organization - CFA. 

  3. BulletTo  sponsor shows for the exhibition of cats, primarily designed to foster the interests of breeders and exhibitors, and to otherwise, through the use of all means at our disposal, to advance this cause.

  4. BulletTo promote the welfare of all cats.

  5. BulletTo cultivate sentiments of friendship and common interest amongst Havana Brown fanciers worldwide.

  6. A Bit of History of I.H.B.S.
    by Annette Bittaker
    Havana Happenings, October 1989

2011 Officers

President - Anne Edwards

Vice-President - Bev O’Neill

Secretary/Treasurer - Norma Placchi

Board of Directors::

  1.    Annette Bittaker

  2.    Lucile Giddings

  3.    Chris Gray

  4.     Brenda Wood


Last updated 12 April 2012